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Do you have challenges with joining polymers and dissimilar materials?

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Polymer joining consultant in product development
Support for polymer welding and other joining techniques

Design, training and troubleshooting in ultrasonic welding and other polymer welding techniques. Plastics welding consultant.

Thermoplastic welding process selection

Welding thermoplastic composites

Welding polymers to metals

Innovation/Grant writing

Design for disassembly


Ultrasonic welding support, process development

Welding polymers to metals

Producing winning proposals to the EU and Innovate UK


Interactions with clients are confidential but they have included blue chip companies in automotive, aerospace, medical devices and defence


Ultrawise Innovation brings together many years of experience in adding value to clients seeking support with technology development in areas including polymer welding and joining, and product development, including medical devices.  Specialist fields include ultrasonic welding support, where services include joint design, trouble shooting, process training and plastic welding consultant.  


Welding thermoplastic composites especially carbon fibre composite materials is a strong area of experience, as well as welding thermoplastic composites to metals.  In addition, Ultrawise Innovation has extensive experience with successful fund raising and grant writing for publicly funded competitions (including the EU and Innovate UK) and through VCs and Business Angels. 

Prototype development has included medical devices, electronic packaging and antennae.

Ultrawise Innovation staff are qualified to PhD and MBA level and so are able to put the technology which they develop into a commercial context to evaluate the value in the markets of interest.


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