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ultrasonic welding support
Ultrasonic welding consultant - Initiation of ultrasonic welding in glassy polymers

The first few milliseconds of ultrasonic welding in glassy amorphous polymers (like polystyrene) were studied using an electrical switch. to assist in the development of a computer model for the process.

plastic welding consultant, welding composite to metal
Plastic welding consultant - Welding carbon fibre thermoplastic composite to metal

A thin coating of thermoplastic is laid down onto the surface of a pretreated metal surface.  Welds can then be made to the coating in less than 30 seconds using resistive implant welding.  Joints can be disassembled at the end-of-life using heat.

Grant writing - Successful submission of proposals for part publically funded projects 

Ultrawise Innovation has experience of successful submission of proposals to the EU and UK Government for part publicly funded projects.  Also in writing business plans for private funding.

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